Feng Shui for Business & Financial Flow:

10 Feng Shui Steps for your business & financial flow:

Wind & Water; Feng Shui, a Chinese art of creating beauty, harmony, balance and tranquility.
1. Clear your work area of clutter. Clean out your old & inactive files to make room for new business.
2. Add a large water fountain & keep it flowing to stimulate finances, best in the Southeast area of your office.
3. Incorporate the number 8 (infinite wealth) in your pricing, password, email, phone & license plate.
4. Keep the bills in your wallet neat & organized with plenty of room to welcome new money (emerald green and gold attract greater abundance). 
5. Always start and end your signature with an upward stroke.
6. Make your moving screen saver water flowing, fish swimming or birds flying for greater productivity and overall good fortune.
7. Place your desk with a clear view of the door and a solid wall supporting your back. Add lush plants & flowers, certifications, awards, logo, business cards in the South area of office for New Opportunities.
8. Do not store important files and documents on the floor to be "stepped on".  Position your phone, fax, printer in the Northwest area of your office to increase referrals, communication and networking.

9. Hang artwork in you office that reflects growth and abundance: colorful nature scenes of spring and summer with lush, healthy foliage and smooth, clear, flowing water.

Avoid winter scenes: (dormant, frozen business & cool relationships) and any images that are desolate and depressing.

10. Hold sales and marketing meetings at round tales for cooperative and harmonious discussions.  The Southeast is related to relationships; to build & strengthen with colleagues & clients add a crystal globe and place photos of your business team.

Pastel Art: Lois Castellana
Feng Shui tips from Mary K. Stewart