Monday, August 20, 2012

Soy vs Almond Milk- which is better for you

Great Article on Soy Milk vs Almond Milk which is better for you?

I've been drinking soy milk for many years. It comes in all flavors; Vanilla and Chocolate are my staples. Almond milk is new on the scene and tastes great too but my favorite is Soy. Soy milk has more protein and since I don't have many sources of foods high in protein in my diet I choose to drink a lot of soy. I've heard it's getting a bad rap and thought I'd look into it, here is an article I read that talks all about the benefits and what you should watch out for.  Remember when cow's milk was all the rage, every ad and commercial told you to drink milk - it's good for you. Then all of a sudden, it wasn't so good for you anymore.  Well, I say, think for your self and determine what's right for you. Maybe moderation is the key...What do you think? Soy, Almond, Cow, Goat?